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Provost Marshall of Natchez asks for Assistance

A. K., Farrar (1862-07-17)

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Source:William H. Ker to Mary S. Ker, October 27, November 7, 1861, in John Ker and Family Papers, LSU

Subject:Second Creek Plot




Provost Marshals Office

Natchez July 17, 1862

His Excellency John J. Pettus

Gov: State of Miss



According to instructions which you gave me by telegraph, I have detailed militia men who are overseeing on plantations to do police and patrol duty upon the same. This is a matter of great importance to us here, as there is a great disposition among the Negroes to be insubordinate, and to run away and go to the Federals. Within the last 12 Months we have had to hang some 40 for plotting an insurrection, and there has been about that number put in irons. I appeal to you for assistance, for I do assure you that if the overseers are taken off this Country will be led in a condition that will be by no means safe. I do not wish to exempt them from entire service, I only want to keep them until an emergency arises requiring their services, then let them go and do service, but dont let them be taken off as long as it can be helped I would like your written authority to do this Also instructions as to the manner of proceeding against persons who will keep no overseer, and make but little provision for their Negroes, rendering it necessary for them to steal or starve and go naked There are some few cases of that kind here, when negroes seemingly are permitted to forage upon the Community The owners will not look after them, will not provide for them, nor will they employ an overseer. The negroes have such large liberties, they are enabled to harbor runaways, who have fire arms, traverse the whole Country, kill stock, and steal generally, supplying those who harbor them, and send to market by Negro market-men. The state of Camp Cooper Nov. 7, 1861.

I am glad to hear that the finishing touch has been put to the investigations of the committee appointed to try the negroes who took part, or were suspected of having taken part, in the proposed insurrection, and I am sincerely rejoiced to know that the last of the wretches have been hung