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William H. Ker to Mary S. Ker

William, Ker (1861-10-27)

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Source:John H. Ker and Family Papers, LSU

Subject:Second Creek Plot


Camp Qui Vive, near Manassas, VA, Oct. 27th, 1861

My darling sister,

Your letter of the 16th came to hand yesterday, and one of the 13th . . . came today

I am glad to hear that the people from the rural country are moving into and near town, for it is far safer for all parties concerned, and as you say must make you all more sociable. I sincerely hope that the insurrection has been effectually put down, and that, for your sakes and mine, the trial may soon be over and everything quiet again; this trouble ought to be a sad lesson to those people about Natchez, who have always allowed their servants to run wild, and I hope they will not in future, as they have done in the past, heedlessly throw temptation in the way of their servants. Thank God that none of ours have been implicated in this sad affair

if Captain William T. Martin does not meddle too much with us, we will get along very well
Your aff. Brother,
Wm. H. Ker

P.SCousin Orrick left Warrenton for home a week ago nearly, and must be nearly home by this time. I believe Mr. Bob Young has not given up the idea of going home, but he does not intend returning until all prospect of a battle has been giving up

Camp Cooper Nov. 7, 1861

I am glad to hear that the finishing touch has been put to the investigation of the committee appointed to try the negroes who took part, or were suspected of having taken part, in the proposed insurrection, and I am sincerely rejoiced to know that the last of the wretches have been hung

Sources: William H. Ker to Mary S. Ker, October 27, November 7, 1861, in John Ker and Family Papers, LSU