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Wade Hampton to governor Claiborne

Rice, Mood (1811-01-12)

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Source:NA: SD, Orleans Terr. Papers, XII

Subject:Charles Deslondes Revolt

[Copy] at Mr. Detrehans

12 Jan. 1811


Having yesterday formed a Junction With Major Miltons Command which has Descended far beyond the Commencement of this shocking insurrection, and having Posted him in the Neighbourhood, to protect & Give Countenance to the Various Companies of the Citizens that are Scouring the Country in Every direction, I shall permit the detachment; that Came With me from the City, to return. The Garrison has been Mu

h Weakened, and We have a detachment of the Marine Whose presence are also required in the City. The planters & Citizens are all in Motion, & have had an Opportunity of feeling their Physical force. They are equal to the protection of their own property. But I have Judged it expedient to Order down a Company of Lt Artillery & cone of Dragoons to Descend from Baton Rouge & to touch at Every Settlement of Consequence, and to Crush any disturbances that May have taken place higher Upthe plan is unquestionably of Spanish Origin, & has had an extensive Combination. The Chiefs of the party that took the field are both taken, but there is Without doubt Others behind the Curtain Still More formidable. I Shall have the pleasure of Seeing you this Evening & of Giving you more particulars

I have Written these in Much haste & have Used the first implements that I have been able to get into my hand, With Which I Could have Written Even So Much

Very respectfully Yours
[Signed] W. Hampton