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The Petition of Benjamin Hammet praying compensation for a Negro Execute

Benjamin, Hammet (1823-00-00)

Category:Slave Petitions

Source:South Carolina Department of Archives and A History Columbia, S.C.

Subject:Denmark Vesey

To the Hon. Speaker and other members of the House of Representatives of South Carolina

The Memorial of Benjamin Hammet

Humbly Sheweth,

That your Memorialist was one of those who suffered with many other of his fellow Citizens in Charleston in the Summer of 1822, by having a negro man slave, named Bacchus, executed agreeable to law That your Memorialist has used, with the rest of fellow Citizens, whose misfortune it was to lose their property, the remuneration bestowed by the Legislature at its last session. Your Memorialist aware of the amount used compared with the amount lost which bears peculiarly hard upon him, Begs leave mark respectfully to approach our Hon. House to memorialize you to grant should you in your wisdom see fit, a further remuneration for the loss of property sustained by the execution so justly inflicted of such his negro named Bacchus

And your Memorialist will always pray

B. Hammet

Charleston Nov. 28 1823