Records have been assembled by Dr. Holloway

Petition for pardon of 2 Negroes condemned in Holloway

John A., Robertson (1802-01-15)


Source:Virginia State Archive

Subject:Slave Conspiracy in Richmond, Virginia

Having make an application last evening in behalf of Mrs. Jones and Mr. Royall of Holloway, praying a pardon for their slaves under sentence of death, and it now being almost the last month from which a notification of execution measures could be forwarded to the place of execution, I take the earliest opportunity this morning of repeating that application which from its nature I hope will be immediately acted on, and in case a pardon should not be obtained a repeal for 8 or 10 days would answer the expectation of the owners, until the sense of the neighborhood could be had on the subject.

Jam Sir if mo: ob:

John A. Robertson

Friday morning January 15