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Petition of Sundry Inhabitant of Saint Lukes and Saint Peters Parishes

, (1825-00-00)

Category:General Assembly Petitions

Source:South Carolina Department of Archives and A History Columbia, S.C.


The Committee to whom with referred the Petition of Sundry Inhabitant of Saint Lukes and Saint Peters parishes praying for the purchase and emancipation of a Negro Man named Abram. Report that upon inquiring they find this allegations set forth in the said Petition are with founded and that had not the White Inhabitants of the southern part of Beaufort District received a friendly and timely notification of the bloody designs of a desperate band of slaves against them, from the said Abram a Plann [sic] of contemplated massacre by them, unavoidable by a devoted part of our Fillow Citisens [sic] Fellow Citizens; and if once began incalculable in its general effects would inevitably have been carried into effect in the course of a few hours.
Your Committee therefore recommend that he have to bring in a Bill empowering the Purchase and emancipation of the said Abram and in addition convince the High Court which the legislation entertain as humane and faithfull [sic] of a service in this occasion and to hold forth as a principle of high encouragement or will of a similar nature in future. This Committee further recommends that a clause be inserted in the said Bill granting an Annuity of dollars to the said Negro Abram during his life----