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Petition of James Evans for Slave Sentenced to Transportation

James, Evans (1822-00-00)

Category:General Assembly Petitions

Source:South Carolina Department of Archives and A History Columbia, S.C.


South Carolina
To the Honorable the president, and Members of the Senate

The Petition of the Subscriber Humbly sheweth that it has been his misfortune to have of his Negro Men Named George sentenced by a Magistrates Court and Freeholders to transportation the sentence is the following words vir--
That the Prisoner George remain in the Work-House of Charleston until his master under the direction of the City Council of Charleston shall send him out of the limits of the United States into which he is not to return under penalty of death.

And here I beg leave to observe to your Honorable Body that the Magistrates and Freeholders have imposed a duty on me in requiring of me the transporting my Negro man George into the dominion of some foreign place or potentate which no existing treaty between nations in Amity with the United States will permit. I am therefore at a loss to know how to proceed and therefore have determined to submit my case to the discretion of your Honorable Body Praying that you will return him to me or take him for the use of the State at the price he has been appraised at by gentlemen of information and of the first respectability at eight hundred dollarswhich is below his worthhe is a good Stone cutter and marble polisheris about thirty five years of age and has always been an honest or duly Negro and your Petitioner as in duty bound will ever pray.

James Evans